The market leader since our founding in 1969, Governance Matters has maintained a reputation as the innovator in the field of nonprofit governance services both regionally and nationally:  In addition to providing a broad range of direct services to our clients over these years, we:

1996: Launched the first Trustee Recruitment Program to assist Boards in recruiting in groundbreaking ways.

1988-89: Lead a national fact-finding project for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to examine the ways in which individuals in other communities move onto nonprofit Boards

1993: Developed the Tri-State Board Marketplace Program a community-wide program piloted in NYC and tested in five cities from Atlanta to Santa Clara.

1994: Designed and established the first Board placement program for our corporate partners working in new ways to bring the expertise and experience of the business community into nonprofit Board rooms.

2000: Published a joint study with American Express’ Human Resources team, Executive Leadership Development Through Service on Nonprofit Boards for the first time detailing the skills needed to serve on a nonprofit Board and the expertise learned during Board service.

2002: Established the first free national nonprofit Board matching website,

Finally, in 2009, we established the Brooke W. Mahoney Award for Outstanding Board Leadership, the only award that annually recognizes the leadership and work of an entire nonprofit Board of Directors.  Named in honor of our founder, this prestigious award is supported by The Rauch Foundation.

For nonprofit Boards, for our corporate and professional firm partners, for foundations and Board candidates, we provide services based on 45 years of experience and innovation. 


Governance Matters’ sole focus is strengthening the governance and management ability of nonprofit Boards of Directors.  We bring together Boards needing new members and individuals who wish to serve across the broad range of skill, ethnicity, age, and geography. Our programs:

  • Bring Together Board Candidates and Nonprofit Boards
  • Work To Make Boards More Effective
  • Provide Ongoing Education Opportunities to Board members