Dear Expert: Our Board is trying to decide if strategic planning drives organizational change or does organizational change drive strategic planning? Thanks for any insights — Martin

Dear Martin,

Great question!  The fact that your Board is asking this means that you are at the forefront of planning!  In fact, strategic planning can begin with a simple question that arises from a broad range of circumstances.  For example:

  • A new Executive Director has arrived on the scene
  • A major funding source has decided to cease funding a particular program
  • Looking down the road, we need to decide the future of a program where services have either dropped or risen dramatically.

Good practice at many organizations is an annual review of two core questions:

  • Will we continue to do exactly what we are doing in each of our programs or should we cease or expand particular areas?
  • Is there a program we need to initiate to meet a new demand and do we have the core competency to provide this service?

The process by which you address these issues as a Board is less important than the fact that your annually ask these questions!  Keep asking and you will keep planning on the front burner!

Happy questioning,
Editor, Ask the Experts