The organizations that are selected to work with Governance Matters will have access to the broad continuum of integrated board-building services that Governance Matters provides. We will work with each organization to design customized services around its specific needs and circumstances. This will enable our technical assistance to be directed to those areas of greatest concern and/or those areas where the resources invested can have the greatest measurable impact. These activities include:

  • Assessment: Working with the Board and staff, GM will engage in a formalized process to ensure that the groundwork is laid to prepare each organization for governance work. This can include an assessment of Board strengths and weaknesses through Board surveys/self-assessment and interviews with Board Members, in order to assist the Board in assessing its readiness to recruit new Board members, including the appropriateness and feasibility of their give-get requirements. Assessment will also include a review of corporate documents, including bylaws, conflict of interest and whistle-blower policies. All participants will complete an online Board self-assessment survey and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) self-assessment. Governance Matters partners with the Michigan Nonprofit Association for the DEI assessment.
  • Developing a Strategic Governance Plan: We will work with the organization to create a plan that will outline the current and future development needs of the Board and if there is a strategic plan, align with directions and goals of that plan. It will lay out the duties and structure of the Board as a whole, the role of the officers and the Executive Director/CEO, a clear charge for each committee, the role of any non-governance groups (advisory groups, etc.), as well as the expectations of individual Board members. The plan will define the knowledge, skills, resources and diversity needs of the Board and make clear the recruitment priorities for the coming year. Crucially, this plan must also outline the organization’s plan to assimilate new Board members – to ensure that they are given equal agency and power with the current members
  • Developing a Board Prospectus: Many Boards have both explicit and tacit requirements for their members. However, the successful recruitment of new Board members requires that an organization be fully transparent about its expectations, including time and financial commitments, the role the new Board member is expected to play, and how their investment of both time and resources in the organization will be productive. We will prepare a Board prospectus for all participating grantees and if they currently have one, provide a review with recommendations
  • Recruiting: GM will conduct targeted searches for Board members who align with the needs, interests and trustee or director job descriptions of participating nonprofits. Our searches are conducted in keeping with standard executive recruitment procedures. We also will offer prospective Board members training opportunities that we sponsor and help facilitate and coach them through the recruitment and nominating process. Post-placement coaching and support services may also be available.