Good Governance Does Matter…

The Right People

Nonprofits rely on individual board leaders that care deeply about the mission of the organization. They are women and men who have the time and resources to do a good job. They are individuals with the skills and expertise that the organization needs to meet its challenges. Finally, they are those who understand their governance role or are willing to learn.

The Right Structure

Great nonprofit Boards welcome the right people into a structure that uses their time and expertise effectively. The real work gets done within committees dedicated to specific issues, and engages Board members with relevant expertise and experience. The division of labor streamlines the organization’s Board processes, involves the Board efficiently and lets Board members see their unique contributions!

The Right Tools

Finding and cultivating great members starts with the right tools. That’s why Governance Matters recently acquired charitySTRONG, a cutting-edge board matching and education platform serving New York State. Nonprofits can design a profile in minutes and begin attracting qualified board candidates from a diverse pool of individuals wanting to make a difference in their communities through board service. Visit to get started.

About Governance Matters, a subsidiary of NYCON

Governance Matters, Inc., a subsidiary of the New York Council of Nonprofits, will lead good governance forward by creating unique programming, events, educational tools, publications, templates, one-on-one guidance and practical solutions designed to help real nonprofits solve real world problems.
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