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Governance Matters Presents 2017 Brooke W. Mahoney Award to The HOPE Program

New York, NY, April 11th, 2017 – Governance Matters was pleased to present this year’s Brooke W. Mahoney Award for Outstanding Board Leadership to The HOPE Program, based in NYC.  The “Brooke Award” recognizes a nonprofit board of directors each year for their unmatched dedication of time and resources to achieving the organization’s mission.

This year’s distinguished winner, The HOPE Program, empowers New Yorkers to lift themselves out of poverty through training, jobs and career advancement.   The Hope Program describes its board leadership as being focused on strategy, innovation, and active participation that has enabled the organization to expand its impact and organizational sustainability.

“The Brooke W. Mahoney Award recognizes the too-often unsung service that boards provide, which is nothing less than ensuring the financial soundness and strategic direction of successful nonprofits,” noted David Birdsell, Governance Matters Board President. “We have a great winner this year in the HOPE Program, whose board has just navigated a model merger and extended the program’s reach while affirming its core values. Congratulations too to the Boards of BCA Global and America Needs You, our runners-up, who also provide outstanding examples of inspired board leadership.”

“The critical importance of excellence in board leadership and governance in the performance and impact is exemplified by the HOPE Program as well as BCA Global and America Needs You”, observes Doug Sauer, CEO of Governance Matters.

The award winner and two finalists, BCA Global and America Needs You, were recognized at a networking reception in New York City on April 6th, 2017. Governance Matters will present “A Conversation with Outstanding Board Leaders” in the fall. This peer learning event will include panelists from each of the finalists and award winning boards of directors, as they share best practices and lessons learned on excellence in governance.

This year’s award was sponsored by Council Services Plus. The Networking Reception event was sponsored by BDO and Innovative Charitable Initiatives.



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