Governance Matters is launching a monthly training series titled Practical Solutions for Today’s Nonprofit Governance Challenges. These five sessions cover some of the most challenging aspects of board governance, such as defining the expectations of board service, building leadership, improving fundraising strategies and engaging in meaningful strategic planning. Both board members and staff are encouraged to attend, and are welcome to attend one, several or all of the sessions.

All workshops will be held at WeWork, 315 West 36th Street, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Workshop I: Board Development – Developing an Engaged and Motivated Board
Monday, November 26,2018
Presenter: Susan Weinrich, Senior Vice President, Organizational and Community Development, NYCON

Board leadership isn’t happened upon through luck, nor is it something to be taken for granted. Board building should be an ongoing process with year-round activities and clear strategic goals. Explore problem-solving strategies for improving your board’s performance. In this session you will learn to recognize what motivates board members to excel in their roles, become aware of methods and tools for board strategic assessment, recruitment, orientation and retention. We will also discuss the importance, role and responsibilities of a Board Development Committee.

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Workshop II: Developing a Fiscally Accountable Nonprofit Board
Monday, January 28, 2019
Presenter: Kelly Mathews, Chief Operating Officer, NYCON

A nonprofit board is responsible for ensuring that the organization is appropriately stewarding the resources entrusted to it and following all legal and ethical standards. This session will emphasize how a board can efficiently organize itself to make sound fiscal decisions and maintain accountability to donors, funding sources, constituencies and regulating bodies. It will emphasize the board’s key financial oversight responsibilities including the role of the board and its committees vis-vis management and the independent auditor, understanding a financial report with respect to cash vs. accrual accounting and key indicators; and budget development.

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Workshop III: Legal Matters Regarding the Board’s Management of the Lifecycle of Executive Leadership
Monday, February 25, 2019
Presenter: Michael West Esq., Senior Attorney, NYCON

One of the most important responsibilities for many boards is to hire and manage a talented CEO/executive director to handle the day-to-day management activities of the organization. Given increasing scrutiny and liabilities surrounding the employment of nonprofit executive directors, it is essential that board officers and directors have a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities and liabilities relative to what is the most sensitive of employment relationships. This session will offer an overview of legal issues pertinent to employment arrangements in general, as well as focus on issues specific to executive directors, from hiring to evaluation to resignation, termination or retirement. We will look at commonly used legal documents—particularly those applicable to employment contracts and severance agreements. Board members will also be left with a better understanding of what they need to understand when it comes to the compensation of executive leadership.

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Workshop IV: Governing Effectively while Engaging the Board in Meaningful Fundraising
Monday, March 25, 2019
Presenter: Kate Cox, Capacity Building Associate, NYCON

You want to assure that your nonprofit has the volunteer leadership and the financial resources necessary to carry out its mission. The board has a lot on its plate and needs to exercise responsible oversight while also doing what it can to raise money. This includes preparing a fund development plan, motivating board members to be active in fund development, clarifying board and staff roles, and have a working understanding of applicable fundraising rules and regulations. This session will demonstrate how to use the personal, professional and resource networks of your board to build a culture of philanthropy across your organization… and have fun while doing it!

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Workshop V: Strategic Planning: Creating Your Organization’s Road Map
Monday, April 22, 2019
Presenter: Susan Weinrich, Senior Vice President, Organizational and Community Development, NYCON

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly challenged to respond to complex service delivery, settings, workforce, funding and regulatory environments. This training provides participants with a fundamental understanding of the how to incorporate strategic thinking and action into routine operations as well as understand what strategic planning is and is not, as well as how to determine the best time to engage in a strategic planning process. We will demystify planning and help participants to design a planning process that is best suited to their particular needs. In addition, the session will clarify the potential roles of board members, committee members, staff members, consumers, funders, donors, and other stakeholders in the planning process in order to ensure buy-in and a commitment to successful implementation.

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