Board Consulting with GM Team

Governance Matters focuses on strengthening the governing and management ability of nonprofit Boards of Directors and we consult on a range of board needs: from boards that are functioning well, but need retreat facilitation; to those who need a better understanding their governance responsibilities; and those with low participation levels. We work on board member replacement and recruitment, and revitalizing current board member involvement. We also work with organizations that need help with specific projects – like improving fundraising, strategic planning and leadership transition. We are a leader in bringing together Boards needing new members – and individuals who wish to serve – across boundaries of skill, ethnicity, age and geography. In addition to our board recruitment practice we offer a wide range of services, including:


Governance Matters offers a wide variety of interactive trainings to assist your Board of Directors in better understanding their legal and fiduciary responsibilities. These topics range from a broad session on the Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors to more in-depth trainings on topics such as:

  • Board development and recruitment: how to assess, orient, train, and build the Board you need to succeed
  • Legal responsibilities: Bylaws, Personnel Policies
  • Fiscal oversight: build your financial literacy, understand your responsibilities
  • Running effective Board and committee meetings
  • Build a strong Board infrastructure: officers, committees, and committee chairs
  • Strategic planning: setting the course for a successful future

Most training sessions are designed for three-hour sessions but can be modified to accommodate your needs, budget, and timeframe.

Governance Assessment

We recommend you regularly do an assessment of your Board and Governance functions. This can include a Board survey/self-assessment, a review of corporate documents, interviews with Board Members, and observations of Board Meetings. The assessment may review and address such topics as:

  • Awareness of legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Bylaws and Corporate Document
  • Committee structure and functioning
  • Meeting minutes and agendas to assess compliance and strategic focus
  • Succession planning and leadership development
  • Fiscal policies

Facilitation and Action Planning

Governance Matters can work with your Board of Directors to understand its current governance strengths, weaknesses and gaps in understanding and help you build the Board you need. We can help you interpret the information provided in trainings or in a Governance assessment to determine how best to proceed. Facilitations can focus broadly on organizational strategic planning or more specific topics such as your committee structure and functioning. Outcomes of such facilitations can include:

  • The development of short, mid, and/or long term action plans for the Board and/or its committees
  • Strengthening the working relationships between Board Members and/or Board and Staff
  • Resolving conflicts and addressing the “elephant in the room”
  • Clarifying Board and Executive Director roles and responsibilities

Fund Development

Fund development is about more than just proposal writing and galas. Organizations should constantly be seeking new opportunities, and planning and implementing long term strategies to mobilize resources. Governance Matters works with nonprofits along all stages of fundraising – from those who have never engaged in fundraising, to those who have been doing so with weak results, to experienced fundraising organizations who need help tapping new sources of funds.  Our consultations take many forms, including:

  • One-time training sessions focused on particular fundraising challenges
  • Longer term work that results in a fund development plan
  • Training and coaching board members to be active in fund development, to identify potential new donors and successfully solicit gifts
  • Help in understanding fundraising rules and regulations

Development of Tools and Resources

Governance Matters has extensive tools and templates to help the Board develop strong governance practices. In addition to providing our members with these templates, we can help you customize these tools so they address the needs of your organization. Some examples include:

  • Board Member job description and expectations
  • Board Member application form and interview questions
  • Committee descriptions and responsibilities
  • Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest forms
  • Assembling a Board Orientation Manual

Supporting Your Executive Leadership

Governance Matters can assist your organization in selecting, appropriately compensating, and evaluating your Executive Director. Our services including:

  • Contract development
  • Executive Compensation profiles, including those that address excess compensation concerns
  • Developing and executing an Executive Director or CEO evaluation
  • Other personnel decisions and issues
  • Succession planning