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A Complete Continuum of Nonprofit Services Brought to You in Partnership with NYCON and

Governance Matters, Inc. (formerly Volunteer Consulting Group) has long set the standard for developing strong, effective boards in New York City. As a subsidiary of the New York Council of Nonprofits Inc. (NYCON), Governance Matters offers access to expanded services designed to build high-performing boards and organizations in NYC and statewide.

Unique Method, Unmatched Expertise. Our consultative, hands-on approach is tailored to your specific needs. Governance Matters offers a personalized “high-touch” consultation style through a continuum of services supported by the staff team at the New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc. (NYCON)

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Governance Matters Services includes the following:

  • Board Consulting
  • Board Recruitment
  • Board Training (can be customized) on all Governance Topics
  • Organizational Assessment & Internal Reorganization
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning (Executive & Officer)
  • Best Practices Tools & Educational Roundtables


ION addition, through our affiliation with NYCON we can provide access to the following services:

  • Bylaw Creation & Reviews
  • Cost—Group Purhasing
  • Directors & Officers, General and Other Liability Insurance
  • Employee Leasing
  • Executive Compensation
  • Executive Director Coaching
  • Executive Director Training (for new ED’s under 5 years)
  • Fiscal Policies and Management
  • Fiscal sponsorship
  • FSAs
  • Guidance on Governance & Compliance
  • Health and Dental Insurance including Plan Administratin
  • Incorporation and Exemption Filing
  • Merger and Affiliation facilitation, due diligence and legal work
  • Legal services (Human Resources, Contracts, Conflicts of Interests, IRS issues, COI/Charter Amendments, etc.)
  • Personnel Policy Reviews (legal)
  • Leadership Resources and Tookits
  • Webinars on Governance & Management

Plus, much much more!

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More About the Recent Changes at Governance Matters (formerly VCG) and

Governance Matters, Inc. now incorporates, through a merger, the services of “Volunteer Consulting Group” (VCG) and has long set the standard for developing strong, effective boards in New York City. Through NYCON, Governance Matters will offer expanded services designed to build high-performing boards in New York City and throughout the state.

“The newly merged Governance Matters perfectly complements NYCON’s service delivery model and enhances our capacity,” said Doug Sauer, CEO of NYCON and Governance Matters.  “We will be leveraging both organizations thought and practice leadership in board development, group training and high-touch consultation to further what is already a powerful and unique integrated service continuum.“

“We are keenly aware of the increasing demands that today’s funding, compliance and service delivery environment places upon nonprofits,” says David Birdsell, Ph.D., Chair of the Board of Governance Matters and Dean of the Baruch College School of Public Affairs. “A high performing nonprofit fulfills its mission with a strong board and an ongoing focus on building capacity. We view our newly formed affiliation as one that can respond to those capacity needs in governance, management, program and workplace matters – even employee benefits and insurance – in a manner unlike any other support provider.”

Lynn Videka, Ph.D., Chair of NYCON’s Board and Dean of NYU’s Silver School of Social Work observes “We have set the model now, in this affiliation, for advancing excellence in board leadership and governance. We very much appreciate the grant support we received for this affiliation from both downstate and upstate sources including the New York Merger, Acquisition and Collaboration Fund and the Dyson Foundation.”

The NYCON and Governance Matters affiliation will lead good governance going forward by creating unique programming, events, educational tools, publications, templates, one-on-one guidance and practical solutions designed to help real nonprofits solve real world problems.  Future programs, including a launch event, are being planned for the fall in New York City.

Contact: Doug Sauer, CEO; 1 (800) 515-5012 ext. 103;
Learn more about NYCON at: